I am a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist currently working in private practice.


I have experience working in a 

  • shelter with homeless families 

  • schools,

  • a Mental Health clinic and

  • a hospital.

I was the Training Director for the USF Center of Child and Family Development where I facilitated trainings for a group or MFT trainees and Associates.

I believe that families impact us in a powerful way on an everyday basis. How our parents raised us, how we interact with our family members today, how our own parents were raised, the trauma(s) our family may have experienced. When we are understood within our relationships, rather than in a vacuum, we make progress significantly faster. 

Thanks to my training, I am specialized in Learning Differences. Having worked with children and their families for more than 15 years and as a mother, I can support parents in the most important role of their life with empathy and humor. I am very aware of the impact learning differences can have on a whole family. My experience has also shown that the family can influence learning differences. Most of the children I work with have something going on in their family. 

Multicultural background

I grew up in different countries and I have travelled on different continents. Culture is a very important part of our life. I was raised in a multicultural family and I have created a multicultural family myself.

I am bilingual in French and English. My Spanish is conversational. 


I was trained in Geneva, Switzerland as a Psychologist, and "logopédiste" (Speech and Language Therapy and Learning Specialist). I later obtained an M.A. in Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute in Encino, L.A. My European training has provided me with a strong Psychoanalytical background and my passion is family work even when working with individuals. I strongly believe that our past influences our present and future. Our life is strongly influenced by our family.


I am trained to help clients heal from most emotional and relational. My clients have healed or learned to live in a healthy way with challenges ranging from severe anxiety to complicated grief. I offer a safe space for you to work through the issue that brings you in. Children working with me have decreased symptoms of autism and ADHD. I love dyadic work with mothers and children. Mothers report increased connection with their children and obtained significant behavior betterment. I work on boundaries to increase satisfaction in relationships. My aim is to help you thrive and be who you want to be.